Sunlight into Blue

When we were lovers
Don’t you know I cried
Down by the river
Flowing by the green willow side

Standing by the water
I took you by the hand
Said that I would love you
Love you ‘til the last grain of sand

Something in the silence
When you turned away
Came on like the rain
Stealing the sunlight from the day

Don’t you remember, when our love was so
Like singing in the valley 

Down where the wild cherries grow

Never thought I’d loose you, or turn to see you go
Fading in the twilight
Going down that meadow path so slow

Well I’ve been standing closer to the fire 
Looking for some wisdom 
Casting out illusion and desire

All my senses telling you to stay
Would you leave me lonely 

You don’t need to be the runaway
The runaway

Were there words I’d spoken
Promises undone
Vows I might have broken
Gone like shadows in the sun

I waited so long
For a word from you
Gone like a rain cloud
Moving through sunlight into blue
Gone like a rain cloud, moving through sunlight into blue

Music and Lyrics by Adam Broome, © 2014